Federated Wireless offers the first private 4G/5G end-to-end solution “Connectivity-as-a-Service”


With the mission of “Focus on Your Business Goals. We’ll Handle the Rest”, Federated Wireless brings the managed service along with their spectrum controller and certified professional installer. This includes installation and maintenance of network, taking advantage of the latest mobile technology to tune the network to the business needs at a low cost.



  1. Simplicity–If you order the business service you need, and Federated will deliver the network to bring the service to life very quickly.
  2. Low Cost–the high performance of 4G/5G technology delivered at Enterprise Wi-Fi costs.
  3. Flexibility– If you work with the industry leader in private wireless, and the company will bring their best-in-class solutions, partners, networks and services to meet your business requirements.
  4. Cloud Scale–Automated applications, leverage consistent, and streamlined processes for improved efficiency. When the needs for wireless network grows, so does their native cloud solution on demand.
  5. Control–Your team will have visibility into your network performance and usage. You set network policies that best meet your business goals. You maintain secure control of your network and your data.