Celona- working on a combination of 5G radio technology, edge computing and machine learning software

Celona is working on its exclusive beta program which includes eight new organizations deploying its cellular wireless network solution to deliver a dedicated “express lane” for mission-critical business applications including crowded outdoor venues, Industrial IoT applications, campus-wide connectivity, video applications and more.


Celona’s eight new beta site customers span logistics environments, industrial shipping yards, global retail locations and other challenging wireless environments. Celona is trying to help their customers bring digital transformation projects to life across verticals such as industrial, manufacturing, energy, and utilities. The company already announced results from multiple real-world deployments from its formal beta program with high end clients.


So far, the tests have focused on zero-touch installation of the product components where the initial setup was performed within an hour – including the ability to provision smartphones with private SIM cards. The next testing will be on performance and reliability of the private LTE wireless connections in challenging indoor and outdoor locations where public LTE and Wi-Fi coverage may not be ideal – and rolling out new cabling is simply not possible.


Celona’s unique approach:

For IT professionals and service providers in the enterprise networking space, the unique benefits of Celona’s end-to-end solution architecture for wireless communications are:

  • Always-on connections: Devices auto-connect with SIM, and roaming is controlled by infrastructure
  • Dedicated clean spectrum: Frequency assignments are coordinated and channels are re-used
  • Guaranteed SLA for apps: Dedicated slices per app over the air and as microservices at the core
  • Secure and private wireless: SIM cards integrate with device-specific access and roaming policies
  • Integrated AI-Ops: Drastically simpler deployment and operations for cellular wireless

Find more @ https://www.celona.io/